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About Pantheon of Misha

Pantheon, created on December 18, 2006, is one of Misha's oldest guilds. Collectively we're a low-key group of adults who are focused on raid progression. As a guild we have very little interest in server rankings or the progression of those around us. We prefer to measure our success by setting and fulfilling our own goals and completing game achievements. We focus on clearing new content at a pace that suits our current membership and raid schedules.

We try to foster a mature, drama-free environment. We do not permit our members to engage in drama-related activity on any public forum. Members who are argumentative or who display juvenile behavior in public channels will be removed from the guild. It’s our goal to appeal to responsible, well-adjusted adults who have zero tolerance for interpersonal drama.

To many of the members, Pantheon as guild is more than just a place to raid; it is a sanctuary where we can relax from the day to day grind of real life - a place where we can hang back and just let the atmosphere wash over us. This guild is more than a progression guild, it is a family.

Pantheon is a wonderful guild, where real world barriers such as education, socio-economic position, language and nationality cease to be important. All persons invited into Pantheon are welcomed for who they are, and we believe each one enriches the guild environment. The people that are members, and even some of Pantheon's ex-members, are the highest caliber of people in terms of Honor, Integrity, and Class that this game has ever known.

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